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Quarter scale pattern making blocks **PDF** Digital Download

Quarter scale pattern making blocks **PDF** Digital Download

Quarter Scale Dress Blocks for Pattern Making **PDF** Digital Download


Use these quarter scale pattern making blocks to practice your pattern making skills! Using quarter scale blocks is the traditional way to learn and practice pattern cutting. It saves time and paper to use small scale blocks.


Traditionally, the quarter scale blocks are made out of card to make them last longer. The block is then traced onto lighter paper which are then used for the actual pattern cutting. You can print these blocks on lightweight A4 paper as many time as you like, or you can glue them onto card and copy manually - old school style. 


What is included?


Front and back bodice, front and back skirt, front and back dress and a dress sleeve. Also included is a quarter scale metric ruler that you can use to measure in centimetres on your blocks. The PDF file consists of two A4 sheets.


These dress blocks are exact quarter scale replicas of my own dress blocks that I use to start many of my patterns. The back shoulder dart has been taken out, and I have split the bust dart into a bust and a waist dart, as this is how I prefer to start my patterns. 


Use these blocks to practice techniques such as rotating darts, slashing and spreading, making skirts in different shapes, different type of sleeves... you name it! Whatever you want to try to do on you sewing patterns, you can practice first on your quarter scale blocks.


How do I get the pattern?


After the payment has been accepted, you will be emailed the download link. Please download and save the PDF on your computer as soon as you've bought it. The download link will only work for 30 days after which you will not be able to access the files. If you can't find it on your computer, look in the Downloads folder. 


How do I print the documents?


Print using A4 paper on your home printer. Do not scale the sheets - print at 100%. 

This dress block is a UK size 10 (EUR 36, US 6). I am currently working on releasing blocks in more sizes so you can work with quarter scale blocks your own size. 


Please note that you cannot use these quarter scale blocks to make full scale patterns. They are for practicing pattern cutting techniques only. 


These are for personal home use only. Do not copy, share or distribute in any way. If you want to use these for teaching, contact me first as it is copyright infringement to share with students without permission.

Saving the document to your computer

Once the payment is confirmed, you will recieve an e-mail with a link to download the PDF document. Please download and save the document straight away after receiving the download link which is only valid for 30 days. I cannot be responsible for storing the files and resending them to you. 

Printing the document

Print the PDF on 100% or use "no scaling".  

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