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@She_sew_fabulous makes the Lynn Pinafore

Hey it’s me, Camilla, aka @she_sew_fabulous and I’m here today to talk to you about Vanessa’s ‘Lynn Pinafore’ dress.

Camilla, a white woman with short brown hair, is posing in front of the camera wearing a sleeveless polka dot dress. She is smiling and wearing a straw hat that she's holding on to with one hand.

I loved this dress when I saw Vanessa post pictures of it pre-testing earlier in the year and was delighted when a space became available for me to test in March.

I really enjoy the process of pattern testing, first of all, because I genuinely really like proof reading things (I’m a primary school teacher and also English lead, so I love language generally) and secondly, because I really enjoy the whole process of carefully following a pattern and analysing it as I go. It gives me a purpose to my making and also encourages me to be extra precise when I sew (which, let me tell you, I’m not always!!)

For my make, I chose this lovely polka dot viscose that I had in my stash, which was originally from Pound a Metre fabric store. Viscose is lovely for this dress because it drapes so well, but of course it’s a double edge sword as it can be a little like sewing with water, you know, every time you try to pick it up and pin it together it just slides straight through your fingers. There was a lot of that while making this and a lot of unpicking because bits of dress kept getting in the way of my needle, but I think you’ll agree that it was worth it because the fabric and the dress are just a divine match made in heaven!

So, onto the pattern itself : Vanessa has come up with a really interesting combination here. The skirt itself is definitely achievable by a confident beginner (I say this because of the asymmetric pieces and the gathering) and then, once you’ve made that and are familiar with how it goes together, why not challenge yourself with the intermediate bodice which swaps the elasticated waist for a zip and adds cross over straps on the back?

This pinafore is designed to be worn over a t-shirt or jumper, because the back straps make it quite exposed, but I couldn’t resist these summery, vintage style pics (it was the day when the clocks go forwards when I made this, which I officially class as it being nearly summer, hence it got me dreaming of sunshine while modeling!) The hat is the one I always wear on holiday, which, you know, just added to the warm weather fantasy!

The features of this pattern that I love are : the asymmetric skirt pieces which give it a really pleasing shape (and when coupled with the viscose, an excellent amount of swishiness too); the split for some peekaboo Jessica Rabbit style sexiness and the waistband, which makes the dress really fitted and stylish.

This pattern takes a little bit of work and precision, it’s not a quick make, but I think you’ll agree that the end result is more than worth it.

Now all I need is for someone to bring me a cocktail and a sun lounger and I’m all set. Happy sewing!

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